Factors to Consider When Selecting an Event Venue
Being an event planner or host can be a daunting task since you will be dealing with so many people with varied needs that have to be met if not fully, at least to some level. Choosing a venue to hold the event is a crucial responsibility that should be handled with care, and maximum cautiousness considering it is not only impacted by the visitors' need and preferences but also meant to leave lasting impressions and nostalgic memories too. The venue of the event is essential that determines other elements such as the catering options to be used, the date of the event, the impressions those who attend leave with among others. Choosing the venue should be done based on several factors as discussed below. Read more

The location is the primary aspect to consider when choosing a venue for an event. For local events such as family get together or girls night outs, the planner should choose a venue close to the homes of those expected to attend or at least just a central place that is easy to access. Some people get too lazy and opt to miss out on events whose venues are located so far away from their homes. If many people are traveling by air, then the planner should select a venue near the airport to cut on the time spend taking curbs after the flight. See 
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If many of those attending are likely to come with personal cars, proper parking must be provided. Everyone wants to be assured of the security of their automobile while they are inside that hall partying hard otherwise they will lose their mind trying to peep outside all the time. Lack of security and proper parking space makes the loose party meaning since all the people will be deprived of their peace and emotional stability as they will keeping worrying if their car is safe or not. Always chose a venue with a large and safe parking space to prevent the event from losing its meaning and primary goal.

The capacity and minimum can never be ignored when planning for an event. Go for venues that can freely hold the maximum number of attendees without exploiting the resources, and if food and drinks are served, the attendees should always be less than the maximum number required. It is after this that the planner can negotiate for complimentary services such as WI-FI network and A/V support. More info at  http://www.dictionary.com/browse/event?s=t